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A Dog by any Other Name
Once upon a before time, a dog ruminated about some of the big questions of life.
Things like why am I here now and not there then? Why is there air? Things like
that was forever popping up and occupying enormous thinking time.
One morning after a particularly poor sleep he awoke with more questions than
answers, scratching itching private parts did not take as long as usual as he was
more interested in discovering more about the insight that had arrived during the
This latest insight contained some interesting observations, firstly all animals were
from the same source, we may have different forms but in essence, we were all
the same, all part of the one, no matter what breed of animal we were, every one
of us were connected like fragments of the whole.
The next insight was about observation, and what was doing that.
It seemed that there was a dog observing the world, he could see, feel and hear
and of course smell; however there was also that which observed all of that.
This was the interesting bit, suddenly it was realised this was an observation by essence, it did not judge or interfere, it did nothing but observe. It was just a benign
It was like watching a movie and seeing the screen change but not being part of
the screen or losing yourself in the movie.
The world took on a different complexion. No longer was the dog subject to what
was seen on the screen of life, and no longer was he angry or upset by others, as
he could now see that it was a waste of energy. He being part of the whole was
responsible for what happened in the world along with everyone else, no excuses.
So there we are a dog. Do not reverse the word or you will become at the effect of it

A Dogs Life
Once upon a happening before time, there was a dog, a very large dog; he was
able to go anywhere he wanted, whenever he chose to do so.
As usual, there were fleas in residence, some were happily ensconced in ideal
conditions around the front legs which gave wonderful views of the ever-changing
vista with balmy breezes, but unknown to them other fleas were located near
the back end and conditions were not quite ideal however they knew no other so
we’re just as content.
As the colony of fleas grew and started to communicate, words began to form
in the language of the fleas on the legs, they were called flenglish, they had
a haughtiness about them which developed due to them thinking they knew
Now the fleas located around the back end, they were called fleasians, developed
with a different language and culture due to their way of living in hotter climates
and the constant upheaval of the surface conditions. There were other fleas with
different names, lots of them.
As the groups of fleas expanded over the surface of the dog, some found
places to stay but some always moved around all over and soon found trouble
communicating due to the different languages and culture and had to resort to
pointing and gestures to get by.
Realising the need for a more efficient means of communicating a system of
reflecting pictures and sound was invented so the fleas in the front legs could
chat to fleas that had migrated to the back legs could still keep in touch. This
revolutionised the way fleas thought, no longer did the FL English fleas think they
knew everything and the fleasians discovered other fleas on the dogs existed and
following several battles and skirmishes over who owned the dog it was agreed no
fleas owned anything but had access to parts only while they lived.
This ability to communicate with other fleas no matter where they resided on
the surface was the result of much effort in reflective screens called wonderful
window wizard, shortened to www. This revolutionised from there on how fleas
all over the dog lived.
The story is on-going no flea knows the ending, or how everything will work out or
whether more conflict will arise before it is realised there is only one dog and all
fleas no matter how they speak or how they live, rely on each other

A Dogs Perception
Once upon a before time, a dog roamed the world, he could hear sounds that
humans could not. Not only could he hear frequencies above the range of humans
but also from great distances as his hearing was so sensitive.
Also, his vision was such as he could see vast distances clearly without glasses.
Now it is well known his ability to smell is remarkable, some dogs called sniffer
dogs prided themselves on being able to trace a smell for miles. Sniffing for some
types of plants and herbs is real easy, just ask the customs people at airports.
Tasting food is another special ability and the range of foods that can be eaten
unparalleled in the dog world, along with being able to eat whatever quantity is
available quickly.
What a lot of humans do not realise is a dog’s loyalty and kindness comes from
their essence which manifests as acceptance of what they are, an animal, just like
humans are animals.
Now their speech called barking needs a bit of work, but just because humans do
not understand the barking language as yet, that does not mean they do not talk
to one another, a lot of communication is outside of the human hearing range.
Some are very grateful for that.
Unlike humans, dogs stay connected to their essence and mind is not the master
but the servant, the result is on display with dogs caring for themselves and others
without thought of return.
Most Dogs are nearly always in the moment, never in the past or future, they do
not have or need long memories, so they are often happy and wag their tails to let
you know this.
Children and dogs go together, they accept each other without reservations as
they connect and bond naturally, they are at peace together and share that space.
Dogs cannot do a lot of things humans can do, like play golf or drive a car, but they
can do lots of things humans have trouble doing, like catching balls in the mouth
and running fast to retrieve sticks thrown away.
Perhaps a dog is man’s only best friend, for he will take you for a walk when you
need it, he will sit and listen to you without trying to fix you or change you in any
way, he nearly always comes when you call him, and he never complains.
So there you have it, the perfect companion, better than ice cream and chocolate.

A Flea story
Once upon a happening before time, there was a dog, a very large dog, he could
go anywhere and do anything he wanted to do.
All the fleas were living on the dog were happy until the dog decided to go for a
swim in the ocean.
Most were drowned of course, but a few escaped and floated to safety back on
land. Now the remaining fleas were not used to living on land, they were out of
their comfort zone as it were, no warm body to nestle into and feed off.
The fleas wandered the land and discovered many things, lots of new animals
living harmoniously, the one animal none of the fleas could work out was Humans,
they looked strange, talked with forked tongues and were not logical.
The humans were always fighting with one another and destroying the very thing
that gave them food and life, The land they walked on.
Some fleas said it was greed that caused the Humans to be like that, but others
said it was the power to control others that was the cause.
Eventually, the fleas found other animals that did not have such huge ego’s or
idea’s of self grandeur or was not full of hate and violence, they were at peace
with themselves and everybody else.
So there it is, Fleas have to wait till Humans realise there is only one Earth and
everybody is on it, that being kind and taking care of other Humans when you can
is compassion in action.

A Way of Being
It is very strange that humans have a lot of problems sorting out themselves when
they discover dissatisfaction with their condition, it seems we all have to get to
this stage before we can embark on self-discovery and realise we are more than
our body, feelings, and intellect (mind).
The majority are quite happy to go through life being told what to do, how to do it
and when to do it, however with some, a great dissatisfaction occurs, and at this
point, the possibility of discovery beyond the five lower senses can occur.
Up to this point, acceptance or indoctrination has been the normal way of being,
however, now the mind is overwhelmed with confusion and conflict and almost
shuts down, it can be parked, or put to one side, which allows for the intelligence
of the universe to shine through.
This insight or flash of inspiration and clarity comes complete in the moment,
there is no working it out with the mind, as it’s not in use, the insight is coming
from that which is new, not having been thought of before or read about or stored
in memory.
Once this opening happens, there is then the possibility of living your life as a
constant insight filled human being, that uses the mind when required to navigate
in this hostile world, and when not required, is receptive to the intelligence of the
universe to inform your state of being.
There is no need to meditate in a dark, quiet place or go off to the top of a
mountain for it is possible to be in the moment of no time constantly.
Now for those that have not experienced this, it will sound far fetched or crazy
and will be resisted or start an argument and the mind will want to debate, for
some it will arouse curiosity and a passing interest, for a very few it will become
the focus of their lives and their way of being, it will transform the way they speak
and act, for they are no longer susceptible to the whims and vagaries of daily
Speaking will happen, informed by intelligence instead of mind and the ring of
truth spoken will resonate with the speaker as well as the listener, as the speaker
is just a vehicle, as it were, for the universe to express itself.

Before Time
Before time began we all existed, everyone of us, that will ever be,
because we are all fragments of the same source of being.
We are all born into this world of duality with a body. It has access
to Mind and also to Intelligence or what a lot of people call Heart.
Prior to our physical manifestation, which we cannot have knowledge of, as
knowledge is of mind and Memory, we are the singularity, or Universe, or God,
these words only point toward that which cannot be described.
With most people by the age of 4-5 years old, Mind has been filled up and actually
prevents Intelligence from illuminating our lives and stops any further progress in
Unless the mind empties or can be set aside, that is where we stay
and life is lived being controlled by how we think or feel and at the effect of the
body and words.
Before time, there is no Body, so there are no feelings, it is the natural state of
being, it just is, This state is called by lots of names that point towards it, but
cannot define it, the qualities that emanate from it are Love, Compassion and
At the core of every human being is this beingness or essence and in that regard
we are all one, all from the same source, all fragments
of it, all connected to it. We are not the body we are the essence, that sense of “I”
within you, and in everyone.

Being Neutral
A lot of effort is expanded in being right, being right is commended by nearly
everyone in the world as being the best thing to be.
Now being wrong is the opposite of being right, this is considered the worst thing
to be by nearly everyone in the world.
It seems being neutral is not considered much at all, and yet without a neutral,
there is no right or wrong. These positions cannot exist of and by themselves, as
they are always relative to neutral, and interchange with reference to neutral.
In the same way right or wrong’s have no position without a neutral, then neutral
also has no position, it just is. This seems to be the starting point.
In the physical world, this is called the law of three, it is displayed when considering up/down, left/right, good/bad etc. moving the position held by neutral can
change what was right into left and what was left into right etc.
In the non-physical world, there are no equal and opposites, only awareness of
what is, this could be called neutral or no position held or Love, words cannot
describe it, but you are that.
There is no relativity, no duality, therefore not two or many, but one, one just see’s
that oneness in action.

Death of Ego
It would seem that to begin manifesting a new consciousness there needs to be a
death of the old. This means arriving at the stage of complete dissatisfaction with
our condition, actually seeing our state of being clearly and being so dissatisfied as
to ask questions like “is a life worth living like this” or “The world I built around me
is no more, what is going on”
Now, this can occur at any time in our lives but sometimes it requires a shock to
initiate the process of discovery. A Death or major trauma in one’s life often leads
a close examination of beliefs held and our way of thinking and being.
Like awaking from a dream, everything is seen differently, the fog is lifted as it
were, and a new way of consciousness is displayed informed by our core being,
instead of the way our minds were trained when young and manipulated by
society and religion in particular.
Now years of thinking controlling how we are does not instantly go away or
disappear. The mind stores in memory vast amounts of knowledge some useful
some not. Seeing what is not when it is displayed will diminish its power over us
until it’s no longer held in memory.
There can be a stop-start period when this in-between state, is arrived at, which
requires patience for it cannot be rushed, the clearing of the old may take longer
in some, however, there is no going back to the old way of being.

Four Men Walk into a Bar
It was hot in the Australian outback when the four men came into the Bar, G’day
Jesus, said the Barman, who are your mates? Jesus introduced Mohamed, then
Buddha and then Christopher Hitchens.
The barman was a bit surprised that Christopher was there but continued to pour
out the drinks, I will have wine said Jesus, I do not drink alcohol said Mohamed,
so Jesus turned his wine into water and gave it to him, The Buddha wanted a beer
and Christopher decided on a Carlton draft.
What’s going on the Barman asked?. I am not sure Christopher said, these guys
seem to want everyone to believe their messages from God, although Jesus had
a lot of trouble getting his Jewish mates to believe him, so he started his religion
called Christianity. What about Mohamed asked the Barman? Well he has a book
called the Quran which tells you all you need to know about Islam, its teachings
and beliefs; however the penalty for not believing (Apostasy) is Death, which is a
big incentive.
Buddha was by now quietly meditating and enjoying his beer, albeit a temporary
end to suffering and said to the group, do not dwell in the past, do not dream
of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment, and with that,
The barman poured him another drink.
Now Christopher Hitchens, well known for his views on Atheism around the world
seemed perplexed that anyone believing in Gods of any sort, as he said, I am
against religion because it teaches us to be satisfied with not understanding the
world, most people do not believe in lots of the Gods that have been created over
the years, some of us just go one God further.
Now the Barman happened to be an Aboriginal, also a teetotaler person which
seems implausible for a Barman, however, being in such company he asked if any
of them knew about the “Dreamtime” of Aboriginal Culture, there was no answer.
The Barman explained, in his culture, everything was interconnected, people
Plants and Animals, the land and celestial bodies were all part of a larger reality in
this world and nothing was inanimate, everything was alive and all are energized
by the spirits.
It seems to me Christopher said, that all of you, gesturing to the others, require
either a belief, acceptance or surrender to another’s way of understanding,
instead of discovering your own, but do not believe what I say or it will become
another religion.
And with that, they all had another drink before they went their separate ways,
instead of seeing their true nature and joining together as one.

Random acts of kindness
As I went along life’s journey it occurred to me that whenever I did something for
another without the thought of what’s in it for me, but just because it seemed to
be the correct thing to do at the time, I received back great joy and well being.
Now it’s not that I went looking to do good things, they just happened there
was no choice involved. I had my fair share of doing things for money and the
difference was the sense of joy did not last.
I guess most of us when we have children in our lives that depend on us, see the
joy in the activity of caring for them, the look of gratitude in their eyes, the sparkle
of something deep within shines out to fill us with that which is indescribable but
is called love.
This opportunity is for ever-present in all our lives, for some it passes by without
any recognition at all, for some, it happens from time to time, and for some, it
happens all the time. Imagine the number of people that you come in contact
with each day or week and that’s the potential to act with kindness.
When everyone in the world act’s with kindness, we will be free of violence, it will
end for all, consider this also, you are your world, it does not exist without you,
you are in every event, the one constant in every experience in your life.
So when you act in kindness you are being kind to yourself and the world, the
mere fact that you are reading this is the result of many others act’s of kindness
to you when you see that, and realise that acts of kindness, is any action to assist
another just because you can and they can’t at the time, will be returned at some
stage when they can and you cant.

Granddad, Is Golf Good?
As the old golfer was getting ready to go out and play his usual game of golf, and
having finished cleaning his clubs and shoes, his Grandson watching him asked the
question “Is golf Good Granddad”?
The golfer contemplated the manner to answer for a moment and then said, The
game of Golf is a bit like life itself, there is a beginning, a middle, and an end, there
is a start and finish, but when you start there is no thought of the end, just the
thought of what is required for each shot.
Golf displays the difference between what was thought to do and what actually
happened, no delay its there for you and your playing partners to see straight
away. Like consequences for your actions.
The reaction is also available, the triumphs, the failures, the feelings, all are on
display. Its a game to be played by you, for you and for others to enjoy, as this life
is also. It can be played by everyone in all countries and all ages, and the rules apply to all,
It’s up to each to comply with the rules and when transgressed its the only game
where you can award yourself a penalty.
The grandson was very impressed and then asked why is it called Golf?
The golfer said he did not know but heard that when it first started long ago
the main four-letter word heard all over the course by frustrated golfers was already
taken, but still wanting to use an “F” word for its therapeutic qualities someone
decided that “Flog “ was ok. After much debate, someone reversed it to Golf and
that’s history.
The golfer looked at his grandson, seeing himself at the same age and wanting
to say many things but knowing it would not be understood, The enjoyment is in
the action, and it does not matter whether its golf or gardening or walking or any
action at all, when you find that, you know what is called “The Zone” where time
no longer resides, where you are that which the word points to …….The game of
The following day the Grandson came again and asked
Granddad is sex good?…………………………………………………

Getting out of the way
To live in the world takes a lot of skill, and what is sometimes called Luck.
We are all born on the earth somewhere, that fact determines quite a bit, Language, wealth, living conditions, To name a few.
In some parts of the world, the culture requires a belief in a certain religion or a
way of living, others tell you what to wear and what to eat. There are rules and
penalties for so many things and they differ depending on what part of the world
you were born.
Some through education see the stupidity of the rituals and belief systems carried
out from generation to generation, some get out of their own way and the intelligence of the universe guides them in their thoughts and actions.
Thinking seems to be the problem; it is demonstrated each day with conflicts arising due to people thinking the way they think is right and others wrong.
When you stop thinking and the mind is quiet, insights may happen, this is “Getting out of the way”.
What is then seen is the truth. There is no right or wrong, of and by themselves,
as that is a choice and relative to a position taken.

Good and Bad
Granddad, What is good and bad at the same time?
The question came out of the blue as Granddad stared at his grandson who stood
there waiting for a reply.
What caused you to ask that question said Granddad as he finished cleaning his
golf clubs after his round that morning.
Well, the other day a boy at school said you were an old duffer who talked rubbish
so I hit him and it felt good, but the teacher said it was bad to hit someone just
because they insulted you or someone you knew.
Granddad considered the dilemma and realised the notion of good and bad was
the problem, but how to explain this was not easy.
The thing that makes what is called good or bad is its relationship to you, there
has to be this relationship otherwise what is called good or bad, is seen as that
which just happened.
A bit like up and down is relative to your position, or left and right, and can be
reversed if your position moves. Prove it by calling a book on the table in front
of your left, then move to the other end of the table and now the book is on your
right. The book does not move and yet it changes from left to right. Same with up and
And so it is with good and bad, they do not exist of and by itself, it requires a
position to make it so, when no position is taken up there is no good or bad just
what happened.
This was a lot to absorb and the grandson contemplated what was said for
a minute or so and then said, So hitting that boy was good for him, to stop him from
speaking badly about you, well said granddad, that could be one way of seeing
it, another way of seeing it could be to just observe what is being spoken without
taking a position, and then it is both good and bad so-called, at the same time.
Perhaps the need to hit someone for what is spoken then disappears, because its
either truth is spoken or it’s not, and this can be seen when there is no position
taken up, just listening happening.
This sounds like rubbish the grandson said, perhaps he was right and I was wrong
if I move my position can I be right and him wrong, it feels better to be right.
Granddad said, just not have a position [judgment] and see what happens.

Happiness is a word pointing towards a state of being, thus its trying to describe
something which is beyond language and a fundamental condition of our human
existence. We are born in this state, so we recognise later in life when we are not in that
condition. Prior to language, before race or religion, before any belief, you are a
human being.
We are all responsible for the world, individually and collectively, how we live is
the result of how we think. Like a lot of words, it gets confused with other words
that can only point towards a concept. or state of being. like the words Love or
Intelligence and consciousness.
We all like to be Happy or at least not unhappy, conflicts arise in life and our ability
to resolve these conflicts determine our general state at any given time, our ability
to resolve issues completely without any residue, has a great bearing on our level
of happiness.
So in this duality world we live in when you have happiness you must have
unhappiness, the opposite. To go beyond the duality of this physical world to our
essential essence and try to describe this state is asking the impossible, however
the word Bliss which has no opposite will suffice, for its like describing what the
word love points to, you have to be the word, to have any appreciation of what is
being spoken about.
We are all born on the one place called Earth, discovering what is already there
does not make it yours or anybody else’s.
There is no need to accept or reject what is spoken for when you just listen, the
place the words are spoken from become clear.
At the core of our being is intelligence, Love and Compassion, words only point to
what is.
Does not the sea that laps the land, lap all lands, changing what we call the sea
and land, then claiming ownership,starts conflicts and wars.
The air we breathe is not divided into areas or owned by anyone yet we cannot
exist without it.
We are all relatives from the one family called Human Beings, when we all realise
this. All conflicts will end, and there will be peace in each of us and therefore the

Have a perfect day
It was very hot again in the Australian outback when the four men walked into the
bar, they had been there before and knew the barman.
Gday Jesus greeted the barman, I see your back again, and where have you blokes
We have around the world listening to all the great sages Jesus said, Mohamed
took us back to Saudi Arabia where he was born but we did not stay too long his
13 wives had been looking for him and some of them were not happy.
Did Buddha enlighten you all asked the barman?, no need said Christopher
Hitchins everyone is enlightened when we come into the world, and when we
leave, it’s the bit in the middle that’s tricky.
Buddha took us back to some tree in India and wanted us to sit under it but it was
full of ants so we gave it a miss.
So where did you take the Lads Jesus asked the barman?, well I went back to
Jerusalem said Jesus, I was the main player in a crucifixion there and wanted to
see what it was like now, but we could not get anywhere near the place, it was full
of tourist and you had to get permission from 3 governments in triplicate.
The four sat around the table and the barman brought them their drinks, and
what’s been going on with you asked Jesus?, the barman said he had not been
anywhere, had not done anything and it was perfect.
Perfect? The four in unison queried, yes said the barman, the Aboriginal Dreaming
is with me at all time, I am part of it, as it is part of everyone, no need to go away
to find that which is within you already, be true to that which you are, and speak
it. Have a perfect day that will be $15 for the drinks.

I have decided that the next time I get reborn on this earth I will skip the baby
stuff and be about 7-8 years old. That takes care of the feeding and nappies stage
and being told all those lies about Santa Claus, the tooth fairy and God.I will,
of course, be fully conversant with the internet and computers and be able to
programme the DVD recorder and HTML connections to the TV.
I will have perfect recall and memory so will know what day it is without looking
at my diary or the computer. My body will be in excellent condition, no belly
getting in the way of putting socks on, or tying shoelaces when I eventually get
my shoes on.
By the time I get to fifteen, there will be no mysteries and my PhD. Philosophy will
ensure a well paid academic career pondering why there is air in the universe.
Being one of the greatest scrabble players of all time and flying my jet around the
world to visit places to play golf comes naturally. My invention of the pure drinking
water machine that requires no power to work anywhere means no child in the
world dies due to bad water.
A really neat trick will be no aging process between the age of 25 to 75 so the
body just stays in balance, fit and healthy, and everything works as it should.
Having achieved everything desired in life, been blessed with hindsight, foresight
and common sense and with no desires left to contemplate, have the ability to
go to sleep and dissolve back into the universe when I want to, without asking
anyone can I do that, or where do I sign my name or costing someone megabucks.
The best thing about imagination is you are the only player, so it must be real.

In The Blink of an Eye
Once upon a before time ago there was a huge dog, there was only this dog as far
as it was known, everything was on it and in it.
As Time continued, as it does, one moment after another, it became clear to many
that if anything happened to the dog all would perish with it. Some were greedy
and did not care what happened, others could see that it was very important to
care for the dog as their existence depended upon it.
Now the dog had the intelligence to realie when it needed to get rid of too many
inhabitants, a quick shake would see hundreds ejected into space to be seen no
more, another method the dog used was to take a bath, this would be like a great
flood and a lot would drown. The dog can only support so many on it and did not
like any irritations or wars and violence.
The dog was populated with many species of animals including humans, who
seemed to be the best and worse at living harmoniously on the dog, fights over
who owned parts of the dog erupted all over the place. Some thought that some
areas were special or holy and belonged to them, some believed they were
chosen by the dog to control all the population and killed you if you did not
believe it too.
The dog has existed for billions of years and has seen many species arrive and
depart with benign indifference it seems. Most species stayed only for a few years
perhaps getting to 100 years old, which is like a blink of the eye in comparison, so
not much time to make alterations.So there it is, that’s life, in the blink of an eye

Intelligence and intellect
Many people confuse these words and some think they mean the same thing,
Words are used to point, they are not actual and there is a distinction to be seen,
which is why there are separate words.
The intellect is a function of the mind, it is where memory is found and is
connected to the physical organ called Brain. This is where thinking takes place.
The Brain controls the body, and gives rise to feelings, mostly faulty as the
information received by the brain from our lower senses are incomplete or
limited. The body is programmed to protect itself, with a lot of functions
controlled automatically. As new information arrives or a change in perception
occurs, the feelings in the body also change.
Intelligence is a function of essence or core, it is a product of creation, love and
truth. The word emotion is used to describe that which is indescribable, that
which is not a thing has no substance, and yet pervades every moment and every
Speaking Truth reveals intelligence, it is recognised, as it is at the core of all
humans, the same essence is present, we are all from the same source, there is
only one human and we are all fragments of that.
Feelings come from history, stored in memory and are a reaction to our positions
held, or how we have been trained and conditioned to behave in society. We see
how feelings are mostly false when with new information the feeling dissipates or
Emotions are real, they are always the same, they do not change and disappear,

Living life
Be at the place of no place within you
Do not search for it, as you are already there
Accept everyone with equanimity and listen to their story, everyone has one
Do not put anyone higher or lower than yourself, we are all children from the
same source
Attend to all activity with attention, for the enjoyment is found in the action
Listen to the manner in which you speak, for you reveal your thoughts to yourself
and all those that can listen
Be that which you are, do not copy or imitate to impress others for you are
already magnificent
Accept going from weakness to strength and back to weakness again in this
physical world, that’s what the body does.
That which is not born does not die within you, be close to that
Happiness is your natural state, we are all born that way, and it’s at the core of our
Be Compassionate, be what the word points to,for there you will discover reasons
for your existence
When you give without thought of return, love will be present in your life in
Do not accept or reject what is spoken, when you listen, the place words are
spoken from become clearer. Nobody got wet from the word water.
Observe yourself in action, fix what is presented or seen by you before fixing
nothing is in everything and everything is in nothing, be careful about knowing
everything as nothing cannot be known
Do not do for others that they can do for themselves, for you do them no favours,
but assist those who cannot do for themselves
Be generous in giving and forgiving for we all can be thankful for those that went
before us to make our lives better, be Magnanimous.

Never not there
Once upon a before time, a dog roamed the world, somehow he knew he was not
alone although he felt like it.
He met other dogs, all sorts and sizes, some with exceptional sheens on their
coats others with none.
Before long he realised he was in a body and discovered that what was called the
“he” or “I”, was just watching what was happening as he went about discovering
the world.
The “he” did not seem to do anything and yet it was always present just watching,
observing everything that happened.
In his travels, he discovered a “she” dog, this dog was different “she” did not seem
to be controlled by logic as he was, but by emotions.
Following several confusing actions which seemed to be embedded in his DNA
(whatever that is), they became a family.
It seemed that logic and emotions had joined to become one, each being balanced
by the other and the result was both dogs being completed or fulfilled.
“He “and “She “or “I”, is never not there, it’s in every thought, every action. It has
no qualities, no feelings or size; it is nowhere yet pervades everywhere.
When they are joined completely, what is called love manifest, this is the ultimate
state of being.
Such is a Dog’s life.

Little Dog
Once upon a before time began there was a little dog, now he did not know he
was little, all he knew was he was alive and he could do lots of things, some were
easy and some were difficult.
As he got older he realised he was part of a family and relied on being fed and
looked after by his parents, they showed him how to do things just like their
parent did for them and their parent did, and so on.
There were strange customs and rules to follow not only within his family but in
the wider community where they lived. It was agreed that the father figure was
the boss, although he was not as intelligent or as wise as his mother, this caused
conflict as the rules changed between the two on what was accepted by the dog.
The training and conditioning continued until the dog started to discriminate for
himself, he realised that what was accepted by his parents was not necessarily
true for him or indeed true for lots of other dogs. This power to discriminate
resulted in the questioning of all the beliefs, customs and ways of living that had
been considered normal up till then.
He discovered that at the core or essence of all dogs they were all from that same
source, this, in turn, made him realise that he was related to all dogs and had
nothing to do with the colour of your skin or language, or what family you were in
or where you were born.
This discovery or revelation transformed the way he saw everything and everyone
in the world, this experience was life-changing and informed his way of being,
there was no going back to his old selfish ways, of being separated from other
dogs and the world he lived in.
So there it is, every dog is unique in its form, different in its looks, its shape and
size perhaps, but all from the same source, all connected together. Everything
from nothing and nothing in everything

Perfect, was the answer to the question “How are You?”. Now this is not the
usual retort and caused a wry smile and prompted another question from the
interviewer, What causes you to be perfect?
Nothing causes perfection, as its the natural state of being, it includes a flaw or
imperfection and it points to our essence, not our physical manifestation.
How do you know this Said the interviewer?. Well this question comes from
you trying to understand with the mind, that, which is beyond the mind to
comprehend. Perhaps start with seeing what the words are pointing to and
discover directly by being what the word is pointing at.
Are you saying I am perfect also? asked the interviewer. Yes, we all are, all human
beings are inherently perfect, not their actions or their thinking, which could
be said to be a flaw. However, Perfection includes a flaw otherwise it is not

Rip the Wave
Once upon a before time there was a wave, it was born out to sea many miles
away, it was a beautiful wave with little white tops and curls of water along the
top and he was called Rip.
Although small by comparison with some of the other waves it grew a little bit as
time went on and soon was just as big as all the other waves.
Not all waves were alike, some had gentle curves that glimmered in the sun and
glided with so much grace and charm they were lovely to watch, others were
fierce and angry and very destructive pushing everything out of their way.
Now Rip discovered much to his surprise, that although he was a wave, he
was part of the ocean and was born from it, as all waves are, his existence was
temporary like all the other waves.
So there it is, no matter how big or small the wave is, or how long it is all waves
return to the ocean to be reborn again. Most not realising they are the ocean

Seeing your stupidity
I have reflected on my stupidity in the past and realised it was only after the event
did it occur to me that it was not the best of actions.
In hindsight things might have been changed I told myself, if I could catch the
action in the moment, perhaps mistakes would reduce and living life would flow
more harmoniously.
The problem seems to be the quality of the observation at the time of the action,
only being partly aware of seeing what is going on.
We all display ourselves all the time, and we observe others displaying
themselves, sometimes others point out things they see about us which we do not
see ourselves, that’s not to say we agree or disagree but miss observing ourselves
The key seems to be living in the moment, being aware of the body, its
relationship to the ground and everything around and listening to what is said.
When you are not in the moment it’s the mind gone walkabout undirected, that’s
when what is called accidents happen, or what is spoken is not appropriate.
The seeing of oneself in action can cause consternation to some, if not all of us, as
this revelation can be painful.
Until 100% awareness is the normal state of being your stupidity will show up, and
you will not see it, however, when you are at 100%, there is then the possibility of
catching the mistake in the moment and speaking it.
A view of self
Parts everyone knows Parts only you know
Parts only others know Parts nobody knows
The trick is to have no parts

A Moment
The old golfer arrived home to be greeted by his grandson, who had been waiting
to ask him a question.
What is a “moment”, asked the grandson? The question puzzled the old golfer and
he was interested in what caused the question.
Well said the old golfer, a moment is now, which lives and dies and is replaced by
the next moment.
Is that like a minute or 10 seconds or is it 2 seconds I need to know, as my Mum
said for me to wait a moment until I speak again.
Well said the old golfer, there is no such thing as time really, it’s called a construct,
to enable humans to communicate and operate in an orderly fashion in this world.
There is only now, it’s always only now, everything happens in the now, even
memories are brought forward into the now, as is imagination, they are all
brought forward into the now, which is also called the Moment.
The grandson considered this information and realised he did not know which
now he was in, or if he could bring back the now that had just gone, or if a future
now could be had in the present now if he was in it already.
It’s not clear to me said the grandson why waiting a moment does anything at all,
as it is always coming and going and there is no time limit or how long it is.
Perhaps your mum is suggesting you pause between speaking, to enable you to
listen to what is spoken by yourself and see if its rubbish or true.
Most people speak what they have heard from others or from the news or the
government, without first-hand knowledge and they just believe it to be true. The
belief blocks the power of discrimination and we end up with conflicts.
The grandson again considered what was said and decided to pause before
speaking in the next moment, but it was not long before he spoke again,
Granddad, if I pause before I speak in the moment, and the moment lives and dies
in the moment, I will never speak again because I am pausing before the moment.
Well said granddad, do not believe what I say, or anyone else for that matter,If you
wait a moment I will explain.

Power of words
Some words seem to have more power than others I discovered, the ability to
touch my feelings often involved words in songs that carried me away and into the
song completely.
But words in a language not understood, does not have the same impact, so
where did the power come from?
It seems to me, that I must give it the power to affect me in some way, now we are
all trained in our families language when young, and soon realise the intonation of
the sound is just, if not more, important than the word.
Words do seem to have an intrinsic power given to the sound when created, some
words last and gain entry into the common language of people while others fail to
last and are forgotten along with whole cultures and nations that once flourished
in times gone by.
Words are not the actual, so the word (Tree) points towards that which is not
known directly, the same as nobody got wet from the word water.
When it is realised that words cannot affect anyone unless they give it the power
to do so, then words spoken can have no impact and are just seen as words
spoken that are either true or not or just gibberish.
When there is only listening to a speaker, without judgment or reacting to what
is spoken, the place the words are spoken from, is clear, it can be heard if the
words are from a book or second hand or from knowledge, or if they are from
intelligence and if they are true.
This distinction requires the speaker to listen to what is spoken in the moment of
speaking, to actually hear themselves, or others, not knowing what comes forth,
not rehearsed like a written speech.
Everything is then alive and new, the listener is attentive and in the moment and
the act of creation via the spoken word is delivered with clarity and truth

Wise dogs
Once upon a before time, Fido the dog roamed the world, he met up with some
very wise dogs, to discuss life and all other things.
One day he asked the question to a wise dog what he thought it was like to be a
human animal.
Well, said the wise dog, Humans seems to have a hard time, for a start, they have
to put clothes on because they cannot stand all the weather both hot and cold.
We have fur. Also, they speak many different languages around the world making
it very difficult to clearly understand each other; our barking language is universal
all over the world.
It also takes them years to master walking and running and most forget, who they
are after three or four years.
What is really distressing, is they keep fighting with one another and praying to
a God that they will win, not realising that there is no such thing as a God or that
which is called winning, they are inventions of humans, and just a temporary
position held in mind.
Another wise dog said it was due to humans just accepting what they were told
and believing it without checking to see if it was true.
Fido continued to roam, meeting with many wise dogs over the years, and
discovered many things, for he had, as many others have reached the point of
seeing his stupidity completely.
No longer absolutely certain he knew everything; he was transformed into
knowing nothing.
In this “no” position, he did not take the world and his condition for granted, for
he realised the temporary nature of the physical world, but more importantly, he
realised the permanent nature of his being.
This state allows that which is spoken to be heard by the speaker, it also allows the
listener to hear the source that the words are emanating from.
There is no attachment or ownership to the words as it’s the universal intelligence
manifesting through the speaker without filters.
Fido realised he could not let other dogs know that they were, at their core, Peace
and happiness or anything about their essential essence, unless they asked, as
each dog had to discover that for themselves, this seemed only to occur when
they were completely dissatisfied with their condition and needed to investigate
themselves or they would continue to live a miserable life.
The Answer is embedded in the Question.

You are as You Think
Thought and circumstances
It has been written by many wise people before, that the manner in which we
think is the way we are, and therefore thinking controls our circumstances.
Whatever condition we discover ourselves to be, when we get dissatisfied with
ourselves, it is the result of how we have been thinking up to that point.
What we do, is the result of thought and cannot be other than that, It applies to
acts that are called reflective or spontaneous, or deliberate actions, premeditated
by those who set out to achieve their goals at any length regardless of others in
It follows then, that evil thought will bring forth evil actions, as sure as night
follows day, and pure thoughts will garner Joy and Happiness.
We are not the way we are by accident, it is the result of how we have been
trained to believe or have accepted how to be, since birth. long-held beliefs are
stored away, just waiting to appear that control how we act in any given situation.
Between the highest level of perfection, Human beings can attain, and the lowest
bestial level humans can descend to, are all the levels of our characters, and we
are the maker and the master of that, and no one else.
, we are always the master of our destiny even when we are poor masters and act
against our nature, there is no one to blame but ourselves.
The law of cause and effect is true, both in the physical world and in the nonphysical world, by careful observation of the manner you speak and act, cause and
the effect on oneself and others, can be traced back and modified or eliminated.
By this means, it’s like weeding your garden of the mind and getting rid of useless
thoughts or beliefs, emptying the mind then allows the universal intelligence to
illuminate your way of being,
This careful weeding of the garden soon produces results, for it then frees the
mind and gives it the capacity to receive the intelligence of the universe, the
burden is lifted as it were from the mind, of the clutter of thoughts that filled it to
overflowing, and clarity of thought is allowed to blossom.
You become the intelligent directer and master of your circumstances, ascending
towards perfection as it is realised you are in control of yourself and you create
that which is presented to you
Thinking is necessary in navigating living in this world of duality, knowledge of how
to do things can be very useful, however, when thinking controls you and blocks
the flow of intelligence from the universe then there can be no progress, stuck in
the prison of the mind there is only existence and death, not living life.

Awakening and Observation
There is a vast difference between what is called sleep and being awake, Just like
when it is realised you have been sleeping only when you wake up and your lower
senses confirm your body is alive with the five lower senses, the sense of seeing,
hearing, touching, smelling and tasting. What is called being Awake and being the
perfection of a human being, in balance and harmony with creation, is so huge
that it is necessary to be at that happening to see it.
Most of us are born into this world and develop in our societies with cultural
norms and beliefs, handed down from generation to generation as truths,
confirmed by governments, religions and educators of various disciplines. It is
not until these norms are questioned and seen for what they are, does it occur to
most that there is another way of being which is more balanced and in harmony
with the universe than the life being lived full of violence and disharmony with
The simple observation of the manner you speak reveals the way you think and
act, this observation allows the seeing of your state of being, and the automatic
way of living your life can be seen.
The mind is used to being the Master, not the servant and thinks of anything to
prevent it from being still, the incredible jumble of thoughts brought forth can
be overwhelming but with the observer in place, the mind can be disciplined to
function as it should.
By careful observation, it can be seen that everything in the physical world
is perceived through filters and limited views, as science has progressed, it
has shown the limitations of our hearing, our sight and smell. Many animals
have vastly superior abilities than humans, and with the technical advances
in microscopes it has been able to show what looks like solid substantial and
fixed material objects, are in reality, moving masses of electrons held in that
configuration until they disintegrate eventually, as do everything perceived.
Observation of the physical world eventually gives rise to the possibility of seeing
the illusion of it, the temporary nature of what is perceived as reality. This includes
our physical body and every material thing in the dualistic world.
Most humans stay within the bounds laid down by beliefs and conditioning, never
seeking to explore outside of their comfort zone and never realising the prison
there trapped in, or how they have been indoctrinated to believe stories without
Each generation carries forth from the previous generation the same mistakes and
history is repeated time and time again.

There needs to be a great shock and the death psychologically, of the mind to
escape the prison that belief and indoctrination have held us for so long. This can
occur firstly individually and then collectively. This shock, rocks our foundation of
everything held true up to this point, it is like the solid foundation of our thought
process is taken away, our previously held beliefs are suddenly all questioned and
we are sure of nothing.
The prison gates of the mind are opened to allow the universal intelligence to
illuminate and inform the way we are, no longer are we held and restricted by
tradition or custom but are presented with the clarity of insight which transforms
the way we are.
At first, when this happens, there is a straddle of the old world and the new, a
falling back into old ways of thinking at times until the strength of transformation
is completed 100 per cent. The mind is now the servant and is used when
required, it ceases to interfere or try and do the work of creation.
There is no set time period for the stages or levels of progression, however, once
the transformative process has commenced, there is no going back to the old ways
of being, and the intelligent insightful way of being becomes embedded.
A new way of then interact’s with others and the world wherever they may be, it
is the start or beginning of a human being free of violence and hatred, living in a
world full of violence and hatred.
It is the start of Truth, Compassion and Love consciously filling your actions, and
your words being insightful and impacting on the listener, chipping away as it
were at the prison walls that encompass them, so they get a glimpse of their own
As our bodies die and return to the dust or substance of matter, so too, that which
never dies within us returns to the oneness of the universe. We are all part of that
oneness, and this experiment of living on earth requires every living being to join
and become one again with that essence of self.

What is called insight, is the intelligence of the universe illuminating our
consciousness, it arrives without any effort on our part to understand it, or work it
out with our intellect.
It arrives perfectly complete, any attempt to analyses it prevents the flow of
insights, the mind gets in the way as it were and the state of being is altered,
no longer are you being, but doing. The thinking mind is between you and the
universe and it is not possible to be in the two places at the same time.
From the place of nothing, everything is created, when this is seen, no ownership
is claimed for anything in the dualistic world as the temporary illusionary physical
world is seen just as the play of life, to be lived until it is not.
Insights cannot be forced to arrive, the conditions are not of your choosing,
however, once the opening has arrived the possibility of living your life with
continuous insights coincides with an expanded awareness of oneself and your
place in the universe.
Life is lived in the moment without conflict as all is accepted without resistance,
there is little or no ego, as everything is seen as nature unfolding in the world
including all sentient beings, The play of life continues with the observer in place
just seeing what happens

You are not your name
Once upon a before time there was what is called a dog, now the dog did not
know he was a dog until someone called him a dog. All the dogs on the earth were
given names when they were born, just like all objects are given names.
So Fiddo the dog as he was called realised his form had a name and could change,
but what he was, did not. His awareness or what is called self or referenced as “I”
never changes and is always the same.
This realisation that all dogs, in essence, are connected, all from the same source,
all parts of the one source, created the capacity to see no boundaries existing
between all the dogs and all the other objects in the world.
There is no separation between what is seen and that which sees, it’s like you are
the world and everything that happens is in your experience, so you are responsible for what happens in it. There is no duality of object/subject.
All dogs know this instinctively but some get carried away by the story of life as
it appears to their senses and forget that they are not just a name, but the world